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Home Office Furniture

Kuchen Bespoke home office furniture is available in a wide range of styles including classic and modern and will be designed to ensure you are at your most productive. If you are now working from home then it’s important that you can feel comfortable and productive in a space designed to suit you and your home.
Our Bespoke home office furniture solutions will maximise the use of the space that you have allocated for home working. How can desks designed for office environments fit perfectly in your home when the space will inevitably be more compact. Let us design your home office to make use of every possibly inch of space you have available. The perfect end result will be worth the effort we will make.

Blue Grey and Vincenza Oak


Corran Painted Morning Sky and Truffle Robinia

Perfect Matt Indigo and Kaiserberg Oak

Smooth Painted Scorched Heather and Dark Chicago Concrete

Taupe and Whiteriver Oak

Tayvallich Painted Roofer’s Lead