A Lobbyist’s Lens: A Bird’s Eye View of the Legislative
Process, Community Advocacy and Condo Law with Lobbyist Travis
Moore of Moore Relations, Inc.

A Lobbyist’s Lens: A Bird’s Eye View of the Legislative Process, Community Advocacy and Condo Law with Lobbyist Travis Moore of Moore Relations, Inc.

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Host Donna DiMaggio Berger takes listeners behind the curtain of Florida’s legislative process with lobbyist Travis Moore of Moore Relations, Inc. to uncover what lobbyists do, how they do it, and why community association leaders and residents need to know about this process. Together, they discuss the often misunderstood role of lobbying in shaping laws that impact community associations across the Sunshine State. From the financial burdens of campaigning to the vital need for grassroots involvement, Donna and Travis provide an insider’s perspective on navigating the political labyrinth while revealing the delicate balance between public perception and the reality of advocating for meaningful changes.

Donna and Travis dissect the complexities of Florida’s new condominium and homeowner association legislation, including the challenge of maintaining safety standards and the strenuous demands placed on volunteer condo boards and owners. The importance of transparency, fiduciary duties, and the potential pitfalls of legislative overreach come to light, highlighting the consequences of hastily enacted laws without thorough consideration of varied regional needs.

They also strip down the legislative process to its nuts and bolts, with HOA legislation as a blueprint. From the initial drafts to the strategic power plays within the House and Senate, the journey of a bill is laid bare. This episode promises a deep and enlightening exploration of the political and personal intersections that shape community living in Florida.

Conversation Highlights Include:

  • Key pieces of legislation affecting condominiums and HOAs in Florida
  • The lobbying process, from conception to enactment, for community association legislation
  • How to balance the interests of different stakeholders
  • Lobbying challenges for condominium and HOA-related legislation
  • Trends emerging in condominium and HOA law
  • Advice for boards or property managers who want to be more involved in the legislative process

About Take It To The Board

Think you know what community association life is all about? Think again. Residents must obey the rules, directors must follow the law, and managers must keep it all running smoothly. Take It To The Board explores the reality of life in a condominium, cooperative or homeowners’ association, what’s really involved in serving on its board, and how to maintain that ever-so-delicate balance of being legally compliant and community spirited. Leading community association attorney Donna DiMaggio Berger acknowledges the balancing act without losing her sense of humor as she talks with a variety of association leaders, experts, and vendors about the challenges and benefits of the community association lifestyle.

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