Anna Bunting-Branch's climate change art show in

Anna Bunting-Branch's climate change art show in Southampton

Holding Space, commissioned by visual arts organisation ‘a space’ arts, is set to be unveiled at the historic God’s House Tower (GHT) from June 28 to August 18.

The project, helmed by visual artist and researcher Anna Bunting-Branch, employs a blend of animation and painting.

In addition to the exhibition itself, visitors can look forward to community workshops led by the artist.

Bunting-Branch’s exploration into the concept of intentional childlessness, brought on by environmental challenges, fuels the exhibit.

She opts for the term “childless”, a conscious decision to engage with the negative and confront complicated emotions.

The artist curates this unique exhibition with pieces that give a fresh perspective to childlessness, painting it in a reframed light through what Bunting-Branch terms as “fertile counter-narratives”.

A highlight of the exhibition is an animation that addresses the personal and political aspects of reproductive refusal.

The protagonist in the animation armed with “violent comforts” sheds light on the tactile link between the body and the environment, and reclaims refusal as an act of love and creation.

The animation features hand-painted imagery infused with digital effects, accompanied by original music composed by Rosie Carr.

As part of the commission, Bunting-Branch has announced a series of feminist community creative workshops.

Slated to run throughout July and August, attendees will explore themes such as climate action, reproductive refusal, speculative fiction, and alternative futures through crafting, storytelling, and writing.

Materials crafted in these workshops will become part of the exhibition.

Additionally, the exhibition has spurred other events, including a Critical Writing Commission by Patricia MacCormack, author of The Ahuman Manifesto.

Literature fans can also join a Book Club (FLARB – free, lazy, arty, radical book club) and a GHT Creative Writing Group conducted by South-Asian fiction writer, Susmita Bhattacharya.

Holding Space serves as a mirror for reflection, prompting visitors to contemplate their own perceptions of reproduction and the future.

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