Donations reach £2,000 as families face homeless after
Gosport blaze

Donations reach £2,000 as families face homeless after Gosport blaze

Nine adults and four children had to be evacuated from their homes in Hill Park Road, Gosport, while the fire service worked to extinguish a large blaze started by an e-scooter that had been left on charge through the night.

Nine adults and four children were left without their homes with beloved personal items perishing in the blaze.

Gosport resident and close friend with one of the affected families, Jenna Robinson, has been running the fundraiser on behalf of the families whose homes were set ablaze.

She said that the donations and support from residents has been ‘amazing.’

Jenna added: “The families are still in a state of shock.

“Some of them have no phones, they have nowhere to stay and have had to stay in caravans or emergency housing.

“My friend said it’s the little things that you take for granted like a hairbrush.

“But the Gosport community have been absolutely amazing. The donations of clothes and household items has been incredible.

“Donations of clothing and household goods are now getting to the families.”

The GoFundMe donations are now being used to purchase Asda and Amazon vouchers for the affected families to buy essential items.

Some of the families are now facing homelessness and donations will also be used to pay rents and deposits.

The fund raiser has now reached £2,068 with 128 donations. 

Jemma said: “Insurance can take months to pay out so I want to be able to continue to support them in any way they need.

“Some residents didn’t even have insurance – an extra cost that some may not be able to afford.

“Also, some residents aren’t being rehoused by the council as they were privately renting, so they have to find new accommodation and pay deposits and rent upfront.

“That’s impossible when you have no savings. In a cost-of-living crisis, a lot of people, especially those with young children, find it very challenging to save.

“Please continue to donate to the fundraiser.

“The difference it’s going to make will be huge. Our community is amazing – in times of need we really pull together and I’m proud to be part of it.

“Yesterday I was able to send a total of £650 of Asda vouchers to residents.”

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