Eastleigh: Vulnerable warned over dangers of

Eastleigh: Vulnerable warned over dangers of cold-callers

Eastleigh Police is warning the public of salespeople pressuring residents to buy things which may not work or offer poor value for money.

Officers are warning of pressure selling, unfair contracts, over-priced or substandard home maintenance or bogus charity collections.

Residents are advised to remain cautious when dealing with cold callers not to sign or agree on the doorstep and to get a number of quotes.

In a warning shared on its Facebook page, Eastleigh police said: “Vulnerable members of our community across Hampshire are being deliberately targeted and Scammers are using scare tactics to get them to agree to unnecessary expensive work.

“If you have older relatives, friends or neighbours, please talk to them about being careful employing any services straight away from people they are unsure of, or who have just cold-called them claiming they need usually unnecessary maintenance done.”

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