Exit poll: Ed Davey ‘humbled’ as Liberal Democrats forecast
to win 61 seats

Exit poll: Ed Davey ‘humbled’ as Liberal Democrats forecast to win 61 seats

Ed Davey has said that he feels “humbled” by the exit poll, which predicts the Liberal Democrats will record its best results for a century.

The party needs to make 29 gains, bringing them to 37 seats, to have the highest number of MPs won by the party at an election since 1923.

The Lib Dem leader promised voters that “we will not let you down” as he commented after the exit poll was published, which put his party on 61 seats. 

He said: “The Liberal Democrats are on course for our best results in a century, thanks to our positive campaign with health and care at its heart.

“I am humbled by the millions of people who backed the Liberal Democrats to both kick the Conservatives out of power and deliver the change our country needs.

“Every Liberal Democrat MP will be a strong local champion for their community standing up for the NHS and care. Whether you voted for us or not, we will work day in and day out and we will not let you down.”

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