Eyelid surgery stops pensioner from taping his eyes

Eyelid surgery stops pensioner from taping his eyes open

Jim Dick, 71, suffered from droopy eyelids for many years due to a condition he inherited from birth, which worsened with age.

His vision deteriorated so much that he took the drastic action of taping his eyelids to see and function properly before eventually seeking medical attention.

Jim attended Newmedica’s new Whiteley-based clinic after tests showed he needed oculoplastic surgery, a procedure which focuses on disorders of the eyelids and tear ducts.

Following his referral, Jim was seen quickly at the Hampshire eye clinic and had his surgery within two weeks of his initial appointment.

Daily Echo:

Varajini Joganathan, the consultant who carried out Jim’s surgery, said: “We felt deeply sorry and concerned for Jim that he had felt the need to tape his eyelids open.

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“This must have been extremely uncomfortable and is certainly something we would never recommend.

“We would advise anyone that feels there is anything wrong with their eyes to visit an optometrist or GP as soon as possible.”

Jim, who lives in Petersfield, commented: “I’m extremely pleased with the treatment I received from Newmedica, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Daily Echo:

“My droopy eyelids became extremely irritating and were affecting me day-to-day, particularly as I had to sellotape them to allow me to see properly.

“The team were friendly and really looked after me, and I’m so glad I proceeded with the surgery.”

He added: “I understand people may be worried about having this procedure done, but I’d recommend anyone considering it to go for it as you won’t regret it.”  

Varajini, Jim’s consultant, went on to say: “I’m very happy with the results from Jim’s surgery, as it’s made a huge transformation to his sight.

“We wish Jim all the best with his recovery and were pleased we could help him combat the problem.”

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