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Friends Who Broke Guinness World Record with 111-Hour Pool Marathon in Consett

Preparation and Challenges

Colin Pilcher and Marc Murray are no strangers to breaking records. The duo received official confirmation of their new Guinness World Record for the longest marathon playing pool (singles), clocking in at an astonishing 111 hours. This remarkable feat took place from 25 to 29 July 2023, at Hooch’s in Consett, County Durham, UK.

One of the main challenges Colin and Marc faced was sleep deprivation. To tackle this, they organised daily events to keep the atmosphere lively and ensure continuous support from friends and family. This steady stream of activities and encouragement played a crucial role in maintaining their energy and determination throughout the marathon.

The Power of Family and Friends

Support from loved ones proved to be a significant motivator for Colin and Marc. Reflecting on the journey, Colin shared how their children provided an unexpected source of strength. Despite concerns from friends about managing the challenge alongside family responsibilities, their kids turned out to be a tremendous source of inspiration.

Colin recounted a particularly tough moment on the final day when he was struggling after four nights without sleep. His five-year-old child walked into the room, instantly lifting his spirits and giving him the adrenaline boost needed to continue. Both families were pivotal in keeping the duo motivated, and the support from their friends and the club was indispensable, providing necessary supplies and encouragement.

The Record-Breaking Moment

The moment they broke the record was unforgettable. Just after 5 pm on Saturday, the atmosphere at Hooch’s was electric. The BBC was there to capture the moment, and the venue was filled with family, friends, and supporters. As the countdown ended, their children ran to them, and Colin remembers lifting his son in the air—a truly special moment.

The final countdown to 111 hours was equally memorable, followed by celebratory pints and countless hugs and handshakes.

The YouTube video below captures this joyous moment

When the lads broke the Guinness world record at Hooch’s Snooker and Pool Lounge in Consett, County Durham

Fundraising Success

In addition to breaking the record, Colin and Marc raised around £9,000 for two worthy causes: If U Care Share and the National Deaf Children’s Society. This significant contribution will help both charities continue their important work.

Looking Ahead

While Colin is always brainstorming new fundraising ideas, there are no immediate plans for another record attempt. Marc’s business, which produces skins for cochlear implants, continues to support the NDCS. Having broken the pool marathon record three times now, Colin and Marc hope their latest record stands for a long time. They take immense pride in their achievements, knowing that not many people get the chance to break a world record once, let alone three times.

Official Recognition

Colin Pilcher, 40, from Consett, and Marc Murray, 37, from Blyth, received official confirmation of their Guinness World Record on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. This achievement marks their third time holding the title, having previously set records in 2011 and 2013. Their perseverance and dedication are truly inspirational.

For more details on their record, visit the Guinness World Records website.

What an incredible achievement by our local lads, all for such deserving causes. Well done to everyone who played a part in this fantastic effort!

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