Greene King offering free pints in pubs on Wednesday, May

Greene King offering free pints in pubs on Wednesday, May 29

Greene King will be giving away pints of their brand-new False Nine golden ale on Wednesday, May 29 across 532 pubs nationwide.

However, to claim this punters will need to name a false nine football player including the top five voted for in the UK-wide survey.

To find out if your local pub is included in this deal, you can check the Greene King website here.

In Southampton, Scholars Arms in the city centre, Mitre in Portswood and Bellemoor in Shirley are included in the deal.

What is a false nine?

The false nine position refers to a striker who operates in a deeper role than usual, linking the play with the midfield to the wide areas or helping the team progress up the pitch. 

In a survey of customers Lionel Messi, Phil Foden, Johan Cruyff, Roberto Firmino and Francesco Totti received the most mentions of the UK’s favourite false nines.

Therefore if you name any of them at the bar, plus any others that are known for playing in such a position, you can get a free pint.

Will Hemmings, Marketing Director for Brewing & Brands at Greene King, said: “We are delighted to launch our new False Nine beer, in perfect time for this summer’s football.

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“To celebrate the launch, we’re going to be giving away the pint for free for one day only in selected Greene King Pubs, but only to those that can prove their football knowledge by naming a false nine player, including those voted the top five players by our nationwide survey. 

“All pub-goers need to do is give the name of a false nine player at the bar when purchasing the drink, then they can claim at no cost at all.

“We’re hoping this will give Brits the taste of False Nine ahead of the big games, meaning punters across the nation can enjoy the drink throughout the tournament as they toast to England and Scotland!” 

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