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Meet Mikey Fullerton, Mole Catcher – Consett in Focus

For many farmers and gardeners, moles are viewed as nothing more than troublesome pests, bringing with them a plethora of issues. From contaminating silage and causing listeria in sheep and cattle to diminishing crop size and yield, damaging agricultural machinery with exposed stones, wreaking havoc on young plants, promoting weed invasion, and disrupting drainage systems and watercourses. 

To gardeners, they pose a direct threat to manicured lawns and flower beds. Despite these grievances, both farmers and gardeners acknowledge that moles can offer some positive contributions to soil and ecosystems, notably through soil aeration.

The age-old trade of mole catching, spanning hundreds of years, is being upheld by a local individual in our midst—Mikey Fullerton of DH8 Pest Control. Inheriting the craft from his father, Mikey has not only preserved the traditional skill but has also taken proactive steps to enhance his expertise.

Mikey recently attended courses in Wales, delving into the intricacies of the mole’s life cycle and feeding habits. This knowledge empowers him to practice his trade more effectively and humanely, contributing to the ongoing saga of mole catching in our community.

Images and story supplied by George Ledger, Consett in Focus

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