Meet the chef at authentic Italian restaurant Ennios

Meet the chef at authentic Italian restaurant Ennios

Head chef Sara Platino talks AA rosettes and pineapple on pizza in our meet the chef column.

What first inspired you to become a chef?

“I grew up in a big Italian family and my mum was always creating delicious food with little ingredients and my grandmother would make fresh pasta in no time. Those women were like magicians in my eyes and I decided I wanted people to get together around my food.”

What was the first meal you cooked for someone else?

“It was definitely a seafood risotto.”

(Image: Ennios Ristorante and Boutique Rooms)

Tell us a bit about your career so far…?

“I’ve always worked around food during the school holidays since I was 14 years old. My first full time job in a kitchen, I was cleaning after the head chef trying to learn all his secrets because he wouldn’t teach me, until one day he left me alone to prove myself. After many years in Italy, I left and came to England where I started all over again, always working in Italian restaurants because those are my roots.”

What is your proudest career moment to date?

“Getting one (AA) rosette at Ennios.”

What is your signature dish?

“Anything with seafood. I love cooking what comes from the sea!”

(Image: Ennios Ristorante and Boutique Rooms)

What is your favourite dish currently on your menu?

“Brodetto di pesce, a traditional fish stew from where I’m from, Ancona.”

What is your favourite meal to cook at home?

“I like to cook a nice bowl of pasta. My favourite is Amatricana.”

What do you like to drink with dinner?

A nice bottle of Negroamaro.”

What is your culinary guilty pleasure?

“Double pepperoni and pineapple pizza.”

Which key ingredient is always in your fridge?

“Always chillies, I like it a bit spicy.”

(Image: Ennios Ristorante and Boutique Rooms)

What is your favourite Hampshire ingredient or delicacy?

“Definitely cheeses. From Isle of Wight blue cheese to Stoney Cross (Lyburn). All the cheeses!”

Which chef do you most admire?

“Massimo Bottura is a big name in Italy with multiple Michelin stars. I like the modern twist he always gives to the traditions.”

(Image: Ennios Ristorante and Boutique Rooms)

What’s your career ambition?

“To achieve two (AA) rosettes.”

What do you think will be the next big restaurant trend?

“It has already started and I think the food industry will be more and more based on sustainability.”

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