P&O Ventura sets off on next trip after norovirus
deep clean

P&O Ventura sets off on next trip after norovirus deep clean

As reported in the Echo, dozens of people have reportedly got sick on the Ventura – although the exact number is unconfirmed by cruise operator P&O.

Previously, cruise passengers had told of violent bouts of sickness, being rushed to hospital and issues replacing soiled bedding after catching norovirus on a four-day round trip from Southampton to Amsterdam from April 30 to May 4.

P&O said it followed strict hygiene protocols and alerting passengers to the outbreak onboard beforehand.

Many holidaymakers took the risk and the ship again departed Southampton on a 14-day trip to Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands – but the outbreak continued, with passengers being isolated to control the spread. 

Upon the ships’ return to Southampton on Saturday, May 25, passengers were greeted by delays of up to seven hours as a deep clean was carried out and a port health officer from the Southampton Port Health Authority inspected the vessel.

P&O said the ship was docked in the port for double the amount of time to allow for ‘a dedicated enhanced and approved cleaning programme’ of customer and staff areas.

The cruise operator confirmed that the ship left Southampton on Saturday just after 9pm on its next voyage to Spain and France.

A spokesperson for P&O said: “We doubled the length of time the ship was without guests whilst in Southampton yesterday.

“This allowed for a dedicated enhanced and approved cleaning programme of all spaces onboard, including guest cabins, public areas and crew areas.

 “These methods are in addition to our already approved, recognised and proven protocols that happen throughout every cruise sailing to uphold the wellbeing of all guests and crew onboard.

 “Ventura sailed after 9pm last night.”

Carnival UK is contacting new passengers to ensure those with symptoms do not embark on the next cruise in an attempt to avoid another outbreak.

Ventura is now sailing on a seven-day round trip to La Coruna, Gijon and Santander in Spain, then headed to La Rochelle in France before returning to Southampton.

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