Pictures of Weston estate's tower block Canberra

Pictures of Weston estate's tower block Canberra Towers

Standing tall among the buildings on International Way and the Weston Estate is Canberra Towers, a towering 24-story behemoth that dwarfs all others in the vicinity.

Opened in the summer of 1967, the Australian High Commissioner declared it officially open in July.

Robert Dilworth, a milkman serving the tower block in 1982, had his work cut out, spending up to an hour each day making deliveries to the residents.

He would load up crates, travel to the top and work his way down again – a job made infinitely harder if the lifts weren’t working.

Daily Echo: Canberra Towers.

“It’s quite easy really, and I have only known the lift to break down once.” Dilworth said.

Residents faced a persistent issue with the elevators malfunctioning regularly in 1991, resulting in many individuals having to climb more than 40 flights of stairs to reach their homes on a regular basis.

Daily Echo: ............Carolyn Allen with Christopher Allen are getting together a petition because the lifts keep breaking down at canberra Towers-Weston.

After persisting for nearly a month, local residents decided to take action by presenting a petition bearing 137 signatures to the authorities at Southampton City Council. This initiative ultimately led to a resolution… .temporarily anyway.

Coverage by The Daily Echo has highlighted issues regarding the elevators on multiple occasions. However, the challenges experienced by residents extend beyond elevator malfunctions.

Daily Echo:

Throughout the 1980s, residents occupying ground-floor flats found themselves in a state of discontent due to persistent drainage issues that significantly disrupted their daily lives.

For the best part of the last six decades, the building has served as a place of residence for numerous individuals, offering a secure environment and breathtaking vistas despite encountering various challenges.

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