Take That Southampton 2024: Banned items and bag

Take That Southampton 2024: Banned items and bag policy

Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald will be playing at St Mary’s Stadium on Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2.

The tour around the UK is taking place to celebrate the release of their ninth studio album, This Life, and the band will be supported by Olly Murs along the way.

Here’s all you need to know about the bag policy and banned items list if you are attending over the weekend.

Take That Southampton bag policy for St Mary’s Stadium

If you’re going to see Take That at St Mary’s Stadium organisers recommend not taking a bag at all.

However, if you do need a bag with you it must be no bigger than A4 in size, and it will be searched before entry.

The Southampton FC website adds: “Anything listed on our prohibited items list will be confiscated before entry and any bags bigger than A4 will not be allowed into the stadium. 

“There’s no bag drop available so please make sure you don’t exceed the stated guidelines or we may not be able to let you in.”

Take That Southampton banned items list for St Mary’s Stadium

A basic list of banned items for the Take That gigs at St Mary’s Stadium are:

  • Alcohol, except in hand sanitiser
  • Controlled drugs
  • Glass bottles, including perfume
  • Cans, plastic bottles or thermos flasks of any kind

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  • Flammable liquids and aerosols (including perfume, after-shave, hairspray, etc) 
  • Laser pens/pointers
  • Laptops, iPads or similar electronic tablets, professional cameras/video equipment
  • Food and drink, unless for medicinal purposes. Gluten-free food and drink is also prohibited, as these options are available on-site. Please notify the stadium prior to the day of the event if you need to bring items for medicinal use by emailing accessibility@saintsfc.co.uk
  • Umbrellas, signs, banners, flags, inflatables, selfie sticks
  • Air horns, whistles or other noise-making devices
  • Knives and other weapons, fireworks, smoke bombs, confetti, glitter bombs or sprays
  • Any other items publicised in advance by stadium management and/or the promoters and anything they raise objections to on the day of the event
  • Vape juice
  • Battery packs (they may be brought in provided they don’t need plugging in)

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The website adds: “Admission may be refused to anyone carrying one or more of the items listed above.

“It’ll be each ticket holder’s responsibility to dispose of any items that can’t be brought into the venue.

“Please note it won’t be possible for any such items to be stored and collected again after the event.”

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