Test Valley council's £600 grant aids new Romsey homeware

Test Valley council's £600 grant aids new Romsey homeware store

Co-owner Matt Bishop offers an array of handcrafted furniture, bespoke kitchens, and exclusive items like driftwood mirrors at the Latimer Street store.

The £1,200 grant awards £600 to new or existing independent businesses operating from vacant town centre ground floor units after three months, with another £600 handed out six months later.

Recipients can include shops, restaurants, and cafes.

The funds are part of the council’s efforts to invest wisely, manage finances, and utilise the New Homes Bonus.

Jennie Pell, principal economic development officer at Test Valley Borough Council, said: “It is brilliant to see another small business in Romsey. It is great that over half their stock is made by local and UK manufacturers, thus supporting other local businesses in a sustainable way.

“Romsey is rapidly becoming a shopping destination for people who want to find something a little bit different and this is a fantastic addition to the town.”

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