‘Time for a change’: The Sun endorses Labour for first time
since 2005

‘Time for a change’: The Sun endorses Labour for first time since 2005

The Sun has endorsed Labour.

The tabloid newspaper, which last backed the party when Sir Tony Blair led it into the 2005 general election, declared it is “time for a change”.

In an editorial announcing the endorsement, The Sun claims that the Conservative Party can no longer govern, while Keir Starmer has got his party back to a place where they can lead the country forward.

The editorial reads: “[Keir Starmer] has a mountain to climb, with a disillusioned electorate and low approval ratings. But, by dragging his party back to the centre ground of British politics for the first time since Tony Blair was in No10, Sir Keir has won the right to take charge”.

It adds: “We will hold Labour to account, without fear or favour. But we wish them every success.”

However, the paper still expressed some concerns about Labour, particularly on immigration, taxes and the EU.

Meanwhile, the paper also said there were many Conservative policies they support, including the Rwanda deportation plan and the proposal to scrap National Insurance.

Reflecting on the Conservative Party’s record in government, the editorial reads: “The insurmountable problem faced by the Tories is that – over the course of 14 often chaotic years – they have become a divided rabble, more interested in fighting themselves than running the country”

“By the time Rishi Sunak moved into No 10, Britain had had five Prime Ministers in just 12 years. In 2022 alone, there were four Home Secretaries, four Chancellors, and five Education Secretaries”

Labour’s newspaper endorsements strengthen ‘change election’ narrative

It adds: “Put bluntly, the Tories are exhausted. They need a period in Opposition to unite around a common set of principles which can finally bring to an end all the years of internal warfare.

“It is time for a change.”

Addressing the smaller parties this election, The Sun acknowledged that Reform UK’s manifesto has “struck a chord with millions”, but described it as a “one-man band which at best can only win only a handful of MPs and can never implement its policies”.

The paper also described the Liberal Democrats as a “joke” and its leader, Sir Ed Davey, as someone “who has spent this most depressing of campaigns pulling ridiculous stunts”.

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