What went right this week: the good news that

What went right this week: the good news that matters

Walking was found to combat back pain

Adults with a history of low back pain lasted nearly twice as long without a recurrence if they walked regularly, a world-first study has found.

The trial followed 701 adults who had recently recovered from an episode of low back pain. Participants were randomly allocated either an individualised walking programme facilitated by a physiotherapist and six education sessions, or to a no-intervention control group.

People who walked three to five times a week, for an average of 130 minutes a week, remained pain-free for nearly twice as long compared with those who did not receive any treatment, the study found.

The research was conducted by Australia’s Macquarie University, and published in The Lancet journal.

The university’s Prof Mark Hancock said: “We don’t know exactly why walking is so good for preventing back pain, but it is likely to include the combination of gentle oscillatory movements, loading and strengthening the spinal structures and muscles, relaxation and stress relief, and the release of ‘feel-good’ endorphins”. 

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